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How to Choose the Right Size of Your Garden Shed

If you make a decision to build a garden shed in your yard, then the first thing you need to consider is the right size of your shed for your backyard. As you may know, there is a variety of depths and heights, as well as widths of garden sheds available on the market for house owners to find the best size for themselves. So how do you know which one is the right size for your backyard? You need to consider several factors before you decide the size and these factors can help you choose the best size for your own garden shed.

The first factor is where you want your garden shed locates. Definitely you need to make sure the garden shed you buy will not be too large for your backyard, but you also need to make sure it is located in the best place you want. Some homeowners place a garden shed close to their houses, but some others prefer to place it close to the fence. You should find the best place to locate your shed and make sure it looks harmonious with your surrounding buildings. After that, you need to measure the location to get a basic idea of your garden shed’s size.

Next you might want to decide on the type of garden shed you will place in your yard. If you are planning on a kit that you will assemble, you will want to know whether the kit will include a floor or if you will need to have a cement pad poured for the garden shed to rest on. With this information, you can begin to look at shed kits that will fit in your chosen area of the yard. If you plan to purchase a prefabricated shed that includes a floor, you will not need to worry about pouring a pad for the shed. Once you know where the garden shed will go and whether you will buy a kit or a ready-made shed, you can begin to determine how much storage space you want to have inside the shed.

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A Landscape Designer Is Worth Their Weight In Gold

If you’re a new property owner or someone who’s had property for a while and needs to spruce up the curb appeal aspects of your property, you could give it a shot yourself and hope for the best or hire a landscape designer and get it right the first time. By doing it all yourself you might think that you’re saving money, but if you don’t do it right or plan properly then you’ll wind up spending more money than you thought was possible.

A landscape designer is a trained professional who’s been in the business for some period of time and understands how to transform a piece of property from bland or lacking in details to something with a serious WOW factor. This individual or team has the expertise of knowing which types of plants work best in certain environments, and not only will they thrive but with proper planning they’ll thrive in five or ten years rather than just that season.

Understanding frost zones and which plants work best in each zone is not for everyone, so a professional landscaper is someone who will know the differences and what works best in each area of your property. Also understanding which plants grow in what intervals during the year, knowing which ones bloom at certain times and having a handle on which colors will be present during each of these intervals is not only a science but also an art. Having a handle on these things as well as knowing how high each of these plants will grow provides a richly textured landscape design that not only shows depth and color but also fantastic presentation in size, height and a three-dimensional quality that the novice will not have the skill to put together.

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