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The 21st China (shenzhen) International Gift And Home Product Fair

China and Asia’s largest gift and home product Fair will be held in the gold purchasing season on April and October each year. The Fair has been successfully held two decades, the organizers together with 3500 first-class brand from all over the world to jointly presenting the largest gifts, toys and household goods exhibition. This is a truly national trade activity, and the active participants will meet here twice a year at this industry’s best exchange buying season to establish cooperation and define market trends. China is becoming the world’s third largest economy, as the years focused on the domestic market of professional trade shows, Shenzhen Gift Home Show also for overseas suppliers to provide the best opportunity to develop the Chinese market.
Show Features:
Professional buyers: each show received 130,000 overseas professional buyers
Government Support: with more than 50 associations and government support.
Best time: the same period with Hong Kong and Guangzhou Gift trade show, which is the best sourcing opportunity.
Brand Show: 20 years of brand development, through the Global Association of Exhibition Industry UFI certification authority, is a high-quality professional exhibition.
Show Description:
Twenty-first China (Shenzhen) International Gifts Home Exhibition (Shenzhen Fall Gift Show) will be held in Hall 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9 at the Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Centre, nine hall to accommodate nearly 6,300 international standard booths, with a total area of nearly 120,000 square meters, more than 3,800 exhibitors. And currently, it is the leading exhibition and most influential brand in the gift industry.
Since 2000, this Commodities Fair continuous expanding the exhibits range, the development of household products like gangbusters, including household goods, home textiles, home decoration, tableware, and other team has grown, new brand launches, and is known as the China gifts home page an Exhibition “,” gift industry TOP100, remarkable influence and innovation spirit leading the industry witnessed gifts industrys important direction for common development. 2013 Fall Gift Show will fully demonstrate the culmination of industry gifts home and abroad, whether you are Chinese rookie, or the creative star, 120,000 square meters of space at home and abroad grand top original brands are comparable to the same stage to greet this Golden Purchasing season.
ceramics, tableware, crystal and glassware
Household goods, textile products, kitchen supplies, home decorations
Electronic and electrical appliances, toys
Packaging and paper products
Sports and leisure travel goods, leather bags
Stationery and stationery, collectibles
gifts, handicrafts, , promotional gifts advertising category
Jewelry and fashion jewelry, watches Smoking and cigarette lighters, beauty care products
Household items, small appliances, , metal utensils, cutlery, household hardware tools, home furnishings, kitchenware, plastic products; health care and personal care products, cleaning utensils, bath and personal care products, interior products, iron and outdoor products, furniture, lighting, children’s products, pet appliances, and Christmas crafts.

Garden Water Features Streams

Most of us want our water features to look ‘natural’, but ponds often need to go against walls, or next to (or indeed on) patios: hardly ‘natural’ settings. But a garden stream can look really natural. Even though it is merely a stretch of water going from one place to another, this is exactly the sort of phenomenon that is found in the wild.

In all cases, of course, a man-made stream will contain water that is circulated by a pump. Pumps obviously vary hugely in their performance, and it is crucial that you choose one that will provide the desired effect. For example, a small pump in a very wide or deep stream would produce an imperceptible and completely ineffective flow.

The stream should be made dead level, so that it remains full once the pump is switched off. And, when the pump is off, your ‘stream’ will become a shallow, elongated pond. One of the trickiest decisions when creating a stream is how to make it suddenly ‘appear’ in the garden, and then ‘disappear’ further along. A gurgling stream usually ends up emanating from large pipes or from beneath a stone slab; it will almost certainly disappear in the same way. Most of the gullies the water will travel along are made from concrete, stone or brick, and are either straight or gently curving. Flexible liner can be used, but use gravel, sand, stones, bricks or boulders to give the water a rippling texture and help conceal the shiny PVC or plastic.

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Marks Of A Shabbily Chic Home

Shabby chic has become a popular interior decorating style and you can take principles from the shabby chic design style and apply them in your home to create a space that is comfortable and functional. It doesn’t hurt if your house already has that lived-in feel; then it only takes a few subtle changes to capture the shabby chic appeal.

The presence of contrasting qualities for your decorations can make your home confusing if you’re not careful with the use of colors. In this case, light colors, neutrals and white are the ideal choices. These colors make great backdrops for a mix of shabby chic furnishings, as well as easy colors to accent with darker or brighter shades if you want to add more hues.

Repainting the furniture and compartments a glossy color gives the space a sophisticated look. If you want the shabby quality for the furniture, you can always shop in thrift stores and flea markets for vintage things. The best part is not having to spend a lot for buying new furniture.

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Landscape Design Ideas For a Truly Relaxing Backyard

For most of us, life is really hectic with families, jobs and homes, taking most of our time. That leaves little time to enjoy outdoors or look for peaceful natural surroundings for relaxation. We generally tend to overlook the possibility of creating such spaces within our homes. Yes, you can create tranquil peaceful areas by designing the landscape in your backyard. Fortunately, there are numerous landscapes designs that help doing just that. Here are some of those:

Rounded Patios

Most people take patios to be rectangular or square for granted. You can find a lot of natural things to have rounded corners. Why not your landscapes? You can greatly enhance the looks of such a patio by including round furniture therein. You may even consider installing a fire pit or water element in its middle. Perhaps, you would like including a petite Zen garden in the middle of the enclosure or around it.

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Iphone Home Button Fix

iPhone home button is not working properly? Need to fix it? Well iPhone repair is nothing uncommon and considering the fact that it is just another electronic gadget (although maybe a classic one), sometimes things might get wrong with your iPhone you might need some expert iPhone repair service to fix the device. One of the common problems that the iPhone users have to deal with is an unresponsive iPhone home button which limits the functionality of the iPhone. The iPhone home button is located near the screen which is more like a physical input mode of the device just like the touch screen and the power button.

Now having an unresponsive home button can be quite irritating and needs to be taken care off. Dont worry, having a faulty home button does not necessarily means your iPhone is completely broken and it is irreparable. The situation is not that bad and with the right knowledge and proper assistance, you can expect to get your broken iPhone all fixed without facing much of a problem.

There are a few basic things that you can consider doing before taking your iPhone to an iPhone repair center.

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