A St. Francis Statue For Your Garden.

People buy religious statues for many reasons. Some buy them as an expression of their belief, while others want to bring peace to their home through this statue. Choosing a religious statue for your garden can bring years of tranquility and peace to your home and garden. It is a way to showcase your personality and garden too. St. Francis garden statues (patron saint of nature and animals) can be found in both the urban and rural communities. This favorite catholic religious statue is a great source of inspiration to the house owner and his visitors or any onlooker. Not only in home gardens is the St. Francis statue a common sight, it can be seen even in the church courtyards, religious schools and in front of hospitals. This statue has a universally appealing image conveying a message of honoring nature and the creatures in it.

A St. Francis statue is a good choice for your home garden. This statue will be a gorgeous piece of art and also a reflection of your commitment to nature and the environment. These statues come in every imaginable size ranging from a foot to life size statues. You can choose a St. Francis statue depending upon your garden space. Though a large statue will make more impact, a smaller statue is more subtle.

Usually a St. Francis garden statue can be always seen to show him in a monks robes and a traditional monks hair cut. They come in many varieties and one can choose the St. Francis statue which has him holding a large dish with which to feed animals or a statue with birds sitting on his shoulders and animals gathered at his feet. People decorate their gardens with not only St. Francis statues but also with St. Francis bird feeders, St. Francis bird baths and St. Francis water fountains. These statues are made from a variety of materials and come in many finishes too. You can choose from a stained cast stone with the appearance of having a clay color which darkens and changes tones when exposed to wet conditions like the rain.

Other St. Francis statues can be made of resin stone mix, fiberglass and brass with a bronze finish. A St. Francis statue is a perfect addition to your garden dcor. This patron saint of the environment and animals is an ideal addition to be placed at the back drop of a flowerbed, your patio or your walkway.

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