Aladdingrass Top Quality Outdoor Carpet Grass & Landscaping Grass Manufacturer.

AladdinGrass is truly one of chinas top-quality manufacturers of outdoor carpet grass and landscaping grass in business for the past 12 years. We are among the most trusted and experienced manufacturer of outdoor carpet grass and landscaping grass in China market. Our objective is almost always to assist customers with custom-made product together with innovative out of the box solutions. More than 10 million square meters of AladdinGrass has already been installed in Europe, Middle East, U.S, South America, Australia, South Africa and Japan.

We manufacture as well as install landscaping and even synthetic lawn products which can be custom-built to compliment your commercial and even residential property. You might have quite possibly observed over the years that your natural grass lawn has become a significant investment of your time and money. Lawn maintenance is extremely costly and additionally requires regular maintenance; not to forget the possible penalties if you happen to reside in a locality with restrictions on water utilization! Apart from having to regularly cut, feed, weed, water , and even reseed natural grass , you also need to maintain the equipment you use . Lawn mowers, weed trimmers, and chemicals; it becomes as expensive to maintain the equipment as it is taxing to do the work! In case you decide to hire a landscaping company, you may find yourself in a completely different tier of expensive lawn maintenance. Each one of our outdoor carpet grass and landscaping grass comes along with a 6-8 years warranty even under extreme conditions. Our outdoor carpet grass and landscaping grass requires absolutely no mowing, No watering, No killing weeds, No manuring your soil, just simply have a great time with the greenery around you every single day.

Our specially designed outdoor carpet grass and for play areas is not only ultra strong and durable, but also soft and safe at the same time. Aladdin Grass is an ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certificated manufacturer with yearly capacity of 5 million square. Each and every outdoor artificial grass that we produce are manufactured from environment friendly polyethylene , polypropylene and polyamide yarn consisting of absolutely no heavy metal , is safe and risk free for children as well as have passed DIN 18035-7 norms . We are also EN1177:2008 certified shock pad system which means that there is absolutely nothing to worry about and fun is everything that you possibly could think about.

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