Commercial Landscaping Companies Calgary Professional Services

Running a business in Calgary is tough enough. Leave your landscaping up to the professionals!

Proper care and attention for your trees, shrubs, perennials and green space takes time and expertise, and commercial landscaping has its own unique set of needs. The constant foot traffic, proximity to parking lots and pathways and tendency to be abused mean commercial green spaces have to be as tough as they are attractive.

Commercial landscaping companies in Calgary such as Mirage Landscaping provide a number of services to keep your businesss green space healthy, happy, and looking spic and span all year round.

Landscaping Companies Calgary: Create a Great First Impression

Chances are you rent or lease the property upon which your business is located, and really have no idea about the types of trees and shrubs that are planted and why they are planted where they are. Mirage Landscapings staff is very knowledgeable about all of the flora resident to Calgary, and can treat eyesores like suckers and weeds quickly and easily. We have the equipment necessary to get the job done fast, efficiently and properly, the expertise to solve problems onsite and the manpower necessary to get it all done on schedule.

Well make sure all garbage is picked up, grass clippings are removed and shrub beds are kept neat and clean. Well repair damage to your lawn and keep your grass thick, green and lush. In the winter, well keep your sidewalks clear and free of ice. Well make sure your business gives off the very best first impression we can regardless of the weather!

Hiring a Landscaping Company Can Save You Money!

Hiring a landscaping company may seem like just another added expense for your business, but their professional experience can actually save you money in the long run. You need your employees where they should be assisting you with running your business not outside shoveling the walk or mowing the grass for an hour every morning. And you certainly dont want anyone to hurt himself or herself while theyre out there! Then you have an injured employee on your hands who may have to miss work, costing you further.

Mirage Landscaping has been providing professional lawn care services in Calgary for three generations. We are among the most respected landscaping companies in Calgary, and our commercials client include Diversified Staffing, Sears, Safeway, Trail Appliances and SIMCO Management. We also provide personal lawn care and maintenance service for many satisfied customers.

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