How To Make Your Backyard Stand Out With Garden Accents

As the weather gets warm and the grass finally starts to turn green, you want to start making your back yard a great place to enjoy the warm days in the sunshine with family and friends. By planting flowers and shrubbery, you begin to get the yard you want, but they take time to come in and adding outdoor garden accents not only helps fill in the yard but look even better as the flowers come in. Here are some ideas you may like to add some cool accents to your back yard.

– For a totally unique planter, tree hugging planters allows you to add color in places yo don’t expect to see it. The way these work is they’ll clamp to the tree which means they can be removed for winter and are adjustable for medium sized trees.

– For the side of your house or shed, metal wall flowers add a summery feel to your patio and to your yard.

– Whimsical garden accents like alligators, angels, bunnies or even kid sculptures make for an interesting addition to your lawn.

– Clam shell planters are great garden accents because it’s a great way to add colorful flower arrangements to your yard without having to dig up sections or work with soil that isn’t great for planting.

– Instead of having the tin hose holder hanging off the side of your house, use an iron hose pot instead. Not only is it a totally different way to store your garden hose but it provides you with a great way to control your hose while looking great in the process.

– To keep people from walking on your flower garden, using dividers like cast iron scrollwork garden edging is definitely a good looking way to do it.

– For your deck there are railing planters that allow you to have flowers around your deck without having to be concerned about them falling off the rail. These garden accents are adjustable and clamp in place so you can have the flowers you want where you want them.

– When the sun goes down, one way to get plenty of light around your deck is with cool looking LED lanterns so you can totally enjoy evenings and nights also.

– Paving stones are a great way to provide a path from a gate or around the side of the house to the patio. Not only do they look great but it gives people a way to stay off the flower beds as well.

Great flower beds and attention to detail when mowing and edging aren’t the only things that make for a great back yard, but great garden decor and accents sets off the entire effect. Putting your style and your ‘signature’ on your back yard with great accents makes it a place where you’ll definitely enjoy being.

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