Interior Design Trends for 2014

As many interior design colleges who follow trends understand, kicking off a new year can often be a reason to kick off a new look, whether it is by updating the look of a home or completely overhauling the design. Before jumping into any decisions regarding design changes it is important to know some of the interior design trends for 2014.

Saturated Colors

One trend expected to take off for 2014 is a surge of rich, saturated colors, such as navy and plum. In fact, many designers are saying that navy is the latest neutral as it blends well with other colors and styles. For those who are hesitant to put such a dark color on walls, consider adding a sofa or sectional in a rich navy or plum tone and accent the room based on that focal piece.

Metal Backsplashes

Gone are the bright tile and painted walls behind the kitchen counter as they are being replaced with metal backsplashes that are sleeker and easier to maintain. Designers are choosing everything from stainless steel to aluminum for a unique look to kitchens. Some designers are using glass and stone slab as well for an even more durable wall covering around food preparation areas.

Macram and Fiber Wall Hangings

Fiber-art wall hangings add texture to walls, say many interior design colleges who follow the trends. In fact some industry insiders feel that macram and fiber wall hangings are like sculpture for the wall, replacing wallpaper or art pieces that the homeowner cannot afford. Although some are calling it a throwback to the 1970s, many decorators are seeing the trend as fresh and new. Another wall patterns include Venetian marbled-paper prints, often found on the end papers of old books. The swooping patterns give a room the feel of the past and designers are using them on wallpapers and linens.

Window Sheers

Heavy drapes appear to be on the way out as more people want brighter, lighter rooms. Newer versions of window sheers made of linen or wool as opposed to your grandmother’s polyester style sheers are in vogue for the 2014 season. One popular version made of sheer wool voile looks divine when paired with inverted box pleats.

Bathroom Trends

Two trends are expected to grow in 2014 related to bathroom dcor. Many people are eliminating bath tubs and installing larger, curbless showers that offer a bathing experience. Multi-speed jets and removable handheld shower heads are increasing in popularity. For those that do want to keep the tub experience, free-standing tubs are becoming more popular as they take up less space than tiled-in tub decks and give a unique look to any bathroom.

If indicate anything, it’s that these design trends promise to be very popular throughout 2014. For anyone who is considering remodeling or redecorating their home, keeping up with the current trends is important for creating a modern, unique look that will last for some time.

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