Landscape Is The Art Of Cropping

It may seem or sound strange, when reading the Landscape is the art of cropping.
Is it means every landscape photo should we crop? Is the crop becomes a liability?

Landscape is the essence of “The art of cropping” is how we can limit ourselves to what we see.
Indirectly, or roughly, we had to wear “blinders on” when it comes to photographing the landscape.
Landscape is not something that should always be the widest portrait, Landscape is not for us to arbitrarily use the wide focal length of the lens through which we got.
Not because we have wide lens 14mm or 16mm or 18mm focal length so that we always use, and may even be forced to wear because when I saw from viewfinder or Live View it feels good and can cover everything.
I often get the question “what is a good wide lens for landscape?” which often makes me smile to myself, and asked, “Did landscape always need a wide lens?”

In “Landscape is the art of cropping”, wants to take the broadest possible we should limit. We have to know when to limit ourselves or try to avoid doing so. Not that we should not take a broad view of the wide lens with us, but it’s not always a good scene to take wide.

In this case our eyes became the main enemy, in a sense, our minds will always try to persuade us to photograph what we see … the widest … include all the elements in a picture frame.
Often just by using the widest focal length, we will see more of disappointment, because we make a landscape photo out of focus, a lot of empty space and seem flat.

We can train to be better to have a “sense of cropping” when we use a telephoto lens.
Try occasionally going to an area to photograph landscape by not bringing your wide-angle lens, but instead bring a telephoto lens, for example 70-200 or better yet fix a telephoto lens, such as lens 135, 200mm, or 300mm. It will force you to think harder to be more observant and careful in finding a composition before the shutter button is pressed.
By doing this method, we already train our sense of cropping by only see some specific area using telephoto lens.

— David Lupica

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