Stanley Home Products May Provide One Of Womens Favorite Colognes

The use of artificially created scents to improve our own human smell started in the earliest civilizations in Mesopotamia and Greece. Most of these early aromatics were created by blending herbs, flowers, and even nuts together to form a pleasant aroma that could be applied to the skin. Although the basic idea persists relatively unchanged, the market has become more competitive as every celebrity rushes his or her own fragrance to the shelves. Despite this competition, womens favorite colognes rarely include these designer products. One may even be from Stanley Home Products.

One scent which is sometimes referred to as womens favorite colognes has been sold through Stanley Home Products for many years. The scent which is sometimes described as romantic or nostalgic is not associated with a famous celebrity or designer. Instead, it harkens back to the origins of colognes.

All of womens favorite colognes can actually be traced back to the originator: Giovanni Maria Farina. As you may be able to guess from the name, Farina was Italian. He was involved in the popular perfume business in the early 18th century. Through his aromatic experimentations, he happened to create a scent he particularly loved and which he named Eau de Cologne because he was currently living in Cologne, Germany. Like the cologne available from Stanley Home Products, Farinas cologne stayed on the market for many years. In fact, the store where Farina sold his fragrance is now the oldest perfume factory in the world.

You may, of course, be wondering if there is a distinction between cologne and perfume. There are a couple of differences. Basically, cologne is a type of perfume that is made from a specific concentration of essential oils. These oils are concentrated aroma compounds from plants and flowers. Because they are concentrated, the scent is more intense. For this reason, most colognes do have a more natural and fresh scent.

There are other differences. Cologne can be worn by a woman or a man. Most fragrances labeled as perfumes are designed only for women. Perfumes are also older than fragrances and usually have a more complicated scent.

Choosing the right fragrance can be difficult. This particular scent from Stanley Home Products may not be popular with all women, regardless of its lengthy history on the market. However, if you are looking for a different cologne, you may want to try it since it is considered one of womens favorite colognes.

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