What Is The Best Way To Stretch My Cowboy Boots At Home

Cowboy boots are considered essential accessories and we need to properly care for them to preserve their quality. The purpose of stretching cowboy boots is to improve on the fit of the shoes in order to make us feel more comfortable while wearing them. The steps below are relatively easy and requires minimal effort. You can do these at home

Before stretching the cowboy boots, make sure to clean the inside and outside parts with a damp cloth. This will free the pair of shoes from the lines and marks especially if you use warm water for cleaning.

Put a small amount of saddle soap on the rag before wiping it on the surface of the boots, as this will serve as a wax coating to make the shoes shiny. Apply in even strokes and get rid of all the unwanted dirt and marks on the boots.

When the cowboy boots have dried and are finally ready to be worn, put on a pair of socks and put the boots on for about an hour. This will make the leather warm. After removing your boots, you can stuff them with damp newspaper, filling the whole area as tightly as you can. Make sure that the shape of the boots is still maintained. This will make the boots softer and voila- after a few days or a week, they will be stretched to fit comfortably on your feet.

Other people may think that standing on water while wearing boots is a good idea. This is a no-no, because water may destroy the material which the cowboy boot is made of. Foot molds are available in shoe stores which may be used from time to time. Oil is also a good component for making leather stretch. All you have to do is rub them onto your cowboy boots.

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